Why I stood down as Chair of the OpenDaylight Technical Steering Committee


Over the past several days quite a few people have asked me why I stood down as the chair of the OpenDaylight Project Technical Steering Committee (TSC). Basically, I had three reasons:

  1. First, I have things I want to accomplish which require my focused attention. And note that the TSC chair job is substantial time commitment, definitely not a hobby.
  2. Next, the project has matured to the point where the TSC should for the most part be populated by active developers (a well accepted principle of operation in open source projects);  I am currently not an active developer on OpenDaylight.
  3. Finally, I wanted to give some other (hopefully younger) people a chance to have leadership roles in the project; that is not only good for the community but it also creates organizational survivability for the project (among other things).

Colin Dixon is off to a great start as the new chair of the TSC.  Good things are in the offing for OpenDaylight.


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